Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mind your T's

Your friends do, it, your family members do it, your boss does it, babies do it, nuns do it, in fact, everyone in the world does it. Does what, you ask? Wear T-shirts!

People spend six billion dollars a year on T-shirts, that's according to a handout I got at a recent Learning Annex class entitled, quite plainly, 'How to Start your own T-shirt Line'. Needing a little help to get on the right track with my new "Mogulette Collection", I attended this 2 1/2 hour session along with another 80 or so hopefuls, and according to our teacher that evening - a fast-talking, bleached blond 30-something that launched his line two years ago from scratch - this is one of the Annex's most popular classes. The session delivered on its promises - it was jam-packed with details on the design, production, marketing and advertising of these ubiquitous tops, and the speaker certainly "walks the walk" - he was wearing one of his own designs, a basic staple of his daily wardrobe since day one, he says, and prompted us to do the same. Here's some links of interest I got from him: - Has low cost legal forms to form corporations or LLCs, and register copyrights, trademarks and patents - An online marketing site. If you visit their blog you'll find articles on internet and search engine marketing in the "Categories" section.
- For a low monthly fee they will place your website in all the major search engines. - Online public relations. They'll distribute your press release to media outlets instantly. - T-shirts and teens go hand in hand! This site offers ad placements in hundreds of high school newspapers. - If you plan to do your own graphic designs.

I could go on and on. My brain was in overload by the time it was over but it was well worth it. One thing I found out is that apparently my products are terribly under-priced, so it looks like I'll have to hike up my prices soon (hint, now before they're marked up!!).

I'll be back soon, but til then, live mogulisiously!!

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