Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Who's your action partner?

Fat, Broke and Lonely No More! That's the title of a new book by Victoria Moran, a woman I had the pleasure of meeting about a year ago and who has been an true inspiration to me. She did a book signing yesterday at Barnes & Noble which was delightful. Not only did she grace us with tidbits of her own brand of humorous wisdom from the book but she also had her friend sing a beautiful song that soothed our stressed out New York souls.

During the Q&A she spoke about how, when she's in writing mode, she usually works from Starbuck's because there's a lot of people around her but they want nothing from her (unlike at her home!). As a solopreneur I often feel isolated spending so many hours by myself in front of my computer. When my family stayed over for a visit recently I realized that even though they were a bit distracting, I still managed to get things done. As a matter of fact, I was even more productive. I get a lot of positive energy from people, and one way I can incorporate that into my routine is how Victoria does it: she has what she calls an action partner and they call each other every morning at 6:30am to share their actions for the day. Afterwards she has a good breakfast (one of the reasons she's so slim, she says), exercises and finds time to meditate, most days. That routine gets her ready for the work of the day.

The Mogulettes are my action partners, but I also have a wonderful list of supportive friends that I need to remember to call to keep me focused and on track on a daily basis. How do you stay connected and motivated? Please share your thoughts!

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Carolyn D. Townes, SFO said...


What a wonderful post. Action partners are great. It is important to have someone who will journey with you and cheer you on, especially when things look bleak.

Thanks again for the reminders.