Friday, June 8, 2007

What Agatha Christie taught me

Often I get discouraged when I feel that my business isn't forging ahead as quickly as I'd like, or when something unexpectedly falls through. My mother recently shared an interesting anecdote with me that helped me put things into perspective. She recounted how, as a toddler, I would fall repeatedly as I clumsily attempted to walk - but then I would get right back up and try again, over and over, until one day, at 9 months, I took my first steps. That was a true revelation to me. Even back then I had the determination to not give up. Which means that it's gotta still be somewhere inside me...I just need to bring it out!

That reminds me of another related story. I watched a documentary on Agatha Christie that detailed how the author of the famous murder mysteries had a daily routine she never strayed from: she would sit down and write every single morning. She was an incredibly prolific writer but what's interesting to me is that her writing got better with time. It's as if the universe rewarded her for having faith in her art, for being dedicated to her craft. By not giving up she received the gift of mastery. So we just need to keep at it, and tell our internal critics to talk a hike!

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