Thursday, May 3, 2007

Vision mapping

Melissa Zwanger spent years working for various Fortune 500 companies until a transformational trip to Hawaii made her realize her true calling. She now does counseling and coaching in the area of relationships and sexuality, and she incorporated her company, Transform Now, in 1994. We had the pleasure of listening to her tell her story at last week's meeting.
Melissa shares her vision with the Mogulettes

One interesting thing she revealed to us was how she came to an epiphany when preparing for her presentation to the Mogulettes. She found an old vision statement she had written over 10 years ago regarding her business, which she hadn't looked at in a very long time, and was shocked to see that almost everything she had wished for has come true, as if by divine intervention! She believes that our visions are the most important element in the business plan. Hers was one full, typed page, and it was written in the present tense.

Here's how she suggests you do it: first close your eyes and really imagine what it would be like to have the business you want to have - feel, hear, and see everything that is going on - and then write it down. List everything - from what products and services you offer to the types of clients you are attracting (not only demographics but also personality, age, culture, background, etc.) to the type of space you work in (how is it decorated? how large is it? where is it located?) - everything! This is a real fun exercise. It may feel like part fantasy, part wishful thinking but it's all about putting our intentions to the universe!!! Afterwards, share it with someone you trust (I'm planning on having a meeting just for sharing our visions!). And don't keep it hidden - carry it with you or tape it somewhere near your desk. That way you won't have to wait 10 years to see that miracles do happen...;)

Quote: "When you can picture the ending, the beginning is easy."

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