Monday, August 20, 2007

What's in your Mogulette toolbox?

"Women helping women achieve success" - that's the Mogulette motto, and I just got wind of a site that shares the same feeling. The Women Entrepreneur's Toolbox has the most comprehensive list of business websites and blogs for women by women that I've encountered in cyberspace so far (and believe me, I do a lot of surfing... How else would I be able to do all my procrastinating?). Aside from a link to yours truly (the Mogulette blog made it!), here's a small sampling of other sites you'll find there:

Chronicles of a Mompreneur - I loved their recent post about leveraging your time
The Anti 9 to 5 Guide - advice for women looking for life outside the "cube"
Empower Women Now - great tips on how to make money off your website/blog

Spamato - a tool that eliminates junk email
Box - lets you store files online and access them remotely
Highrise - a contact management system with all the bells and whistles

Women 2.0 - for women that work with and in the field of technology
International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce - no geographic or physical boundaries!

I learned so much just by browsing this handful of sites...but there's a lot more there. Take a look...

Have a mogulific day!


Amanda said...

I saw you enjoyed my post on thesocalledme I write mainly on my site pjmommy you should contact me we can exchange some tips! :)

Annie Brody said...

I discovered your blog through the NY Times article and just wanted to thank you for all the great info you provide. I am a long-term serial slasher ---currently all with the overarching theme of DOG! Sales Manager for Holistic Pet Treat company/Dog Camp owner (Camp Unleashed in the Berkshires)/Literary Agent/Marketing Consultant. I glanced through some of your back blogs and could tell there was valuable stuff there plus a great sense of female camaraderie. In addition, you've inspired me to finally get my camp store up through and get my own dog blog going. Am forwarding your site to several mogulette friends!